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[FanAcc] 160712 100Days Event

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1 [FanAcc] 160712 100Days Event on 16/7/2012, 9:01 pm


Q: Nếu giành được giải thưởng dành cho nghệ sĩ mới, bạn sẽ làm gì?

XiuMin: tôi sẽ mang mặt nạ bánh bao và nhảy.

Cre: 小智MAX, DC via: @dancingkyu

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"Because I’m doing something that I like to do, and the members are always together, it’s still pretty active.
My parents will also give me a fixed support and encouragement so I’m able to quickly adjust the state of my mind."

-XiuMin at Pop Magazine 539th Issue Interview-

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2 Re: [FanAcc] 160712 100Days Event on 17/7/2012, 9:29 am

Fox Tran

e rất mong ngày đấy đấy Baozi ak =))

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